Cameroon Bioscience Conference 2017

The University of Buea will be  hosting the 24th annual Conference with the theme:”Bioscience Research for Cameroon’s Emergence”

From November 28 – December 03, 2017

The pre-conference workshop on Successful Grant Writing will run from 28th to 29th November 2017.
The conference proper will run from 30th November to 02nd December 2017, with the following sub-themes:
· Health: Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, Poverty Related Diseases, Non Communicable diseases
· Food and Agriculture: Enhanced Crop and Livestock Productivity, Food borne diseases, Post-harvest loss
· Environment: Forestry, Water Resources, Biosecurity
· Biodiversity: Plant Biodiversity, Animal Biodiversity, Marine Biodiversity

For more information, please visit http://www.camerounbiosciences.org