Cooperation Mandate/Mission

The Cooperation Mandate of the University of Buea is spelt out in Law No. 005 of 16 April 2001 on the orientation of higher education in Cameroon. Article 7 (2) of the law reads:

“Councils, socioeconomic partners as well as public, private, national and interna­tional institutions or organizations par­ticipate in shaping and implementing the higher education policy through official channels.”

On the other hand, Decree No. 93/034 of 19 January 1993 to organize the University of Buea, in its Article 2 (d) and 2 (t) re­spectively mandates the University:

To contribute to national develop­ment and promote social and cultural values,
To establish cooperation links with other national and international institutions of a similar nature,
To undertake any other activities appropriate for a university of the highest standard.


The cooperation mission of the University of Buea is to fulfill the above mandate and by establishing partnerships and linkages as well as promoting exchanges with national, public and private bodies, industry; as well as with international institutions.

At the local and national level, the University promotes the creation of community interactive links for service deliverables in all areas of activity with the private sector, civil society, NGO’s, businesses and industry, community organizations that form an integral part of the integrated development plan of its municipality and Cameroon at large. The University’s extended mission is to expand partnerships nationally with institutions of higher learning (Inter-University Cooperation) as well as with the corporate world to emphasize excellence in teaching and research for the development of the Cameroon nation.

The University also advocates internationalism through the expansion of international academic networks and consortiums and bilateral relationships in the African Continent, the participation in the global world of scholarship by being receptive and responsive to issues within the international environment as well as the exchange of international staff and students.