Cooperation – Student Exchange


  • Students are selected according to set criteria established by home institution i.e. academic performance, motivation, maturity, etc.
  • Liaise with host university’s international office (Cooperation Office)
  • Obtain admission letter, letter of invitation, affidavit of support from host university
  • Ensure the study programme is approved by the University of Buea and host institution and that courses are aligned
  • Encourage students to meet with Deans of Faculty or Director of School/College and Heads of Department to enroll in programme of study, complete registration and ensure credits will be transferred


  • Handle all incoming exchange applications including queries by students and partners
  • Facilitate visa applications
  • Liaise with faculty and the Registrar’s Office on admission letters
  • Communicate with Registrar’s Office to capture data and issue a student matriculation number
  • Processing and approval by Deans and Heads of Department
  • Assist with airport transport and finding off-campus accommodation for students.
  • Organise head of department meeting with students.
  • Organise meetings and site visits for study groups with outside stakeholders.
  • Assist with student registration process.
  • Conduct campus tours.
  • Organise welcoming functions and orientations.


  • Ensure student has a valid passport
  • Submit motivation letters and supporting documents to host university
  • Determine and clarify which institution will cover certain expenses
  • Provide pre-departure counselling to students (culture shock)
  •  Maintain communication with student throughout the process
  • Arrange transport to the airport

Arrival and Exchange Duration:

  • Contact the host university or institution to ensure airport pick-up, luggage, etc.
  • Establish contact with host family where necessary
  • Obtain new contact details
  • Request brief report from student on exchange progress
  • Maintain regular communications with host university cooperation office
  • Upon return ensure student has obtained all relevant documents for credit transfer
  • Liaise with Registrars Office and Head of Department to ensure credits are transferred
  • Arrange transport from airport
  • Ensure student submits report on overall exchange experience

Ongoing Support and Administrative Assistance

  • Meeting regularly with staff/students and resolving problems related to:
    • personal and academic concerns, including academic progress
    • getting used to living in a new environment
    • home sickness
    • making referrals to other services within the University and outside
    • Processing of rebates in conjunction with Administrative and Finance Departments.
    • Advise Staff/students on the completion and submission of amendment forms and reports to the Registrar’s and Cooperation’s Office.
    • Liaise with the IT Centre and the library to setup wireless internet connection and Library resources/E-Library.
    • Handle accommodation queries and complaints for Staff/students.
    • Assist staff/students with printing and scanning of documents for submission to their home universities.
  • Facilitate immigration processes for:
    • full degree / exchange students
    • Researchers / interns
    • Visiting scholars
    • Short-term faculty
    • Workshop, conference and seminar participants