Research Projects

No Project Title PI Sponsor
1. Integrating waste-to-resource and renewable energy technologies in resource protection for sustainable development” (PM-ET-BTU-UB-Albrecht Dr. Nkwatoh Athanasius Fuashi German Ministry of Education and Resesearch (BMBF) through University of Technology, Cottbus, Germany
2. Using geospatial tools to investigate how defrorestation affects the transmission of malaria in birds. Dr. Anong Nota NAS (National Academy of Sciences)
3. Multimedia documentation of Babanki Ritual Speech Pius W. Akumbu ELDP, UK
4. Application of Molecular Biology Techniques to tropical diseases Prof. Vincent P.K Titanji ISP/IPRCS
5. Relationship between in utero exposure to malaria antigens immune responses of the newborn and disease susceptibility during the first years of life Dr. Eric Achidi MIM/TDR /Grant for Malaria Research
6. UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank Dr. Eric Achidi UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank
7. European Union VARBO Project Dr. Samuel Wanji European Union
8. Evaluation of the management of waste generated during palm oil production and utilization of composted empty fruit bunches in the Cameroon Development Corporation. Dr. yinda Godwin Sendze CDC
9. Medicine for malaria venture Professor Simon Efange WHO
10. IFS Project (“Résistance des agents d’infection urogénitales aux antibiotiques: recherché de solutions dans quelques espèces des plantes médicinales du Cameroun”) Dr. Assob Nguedia Jules Clement International Foundation for Science
11. Grand challenges in global health initiatives – Malaria GEN Project Dr. Eric Achidi Wellcome Trust-Oxford University
12. Peaceful application of Nuclear techniques (Influence of seasonal changes in hydrology on nutrient-cycling in West African tropical mangroves. Dr. Tening Aaron IAEA
13. To establish a drug discovery centre at UB. Project titled “screening for macrofilaricidal drugs in onchocerciasis”. Dr. Fidelis Cho Ngwa & Prof. Vincent P. K. Titanji CELGENE corporation USA
14. T-cell responses to variant surface antigens of Plasmodium falciparum Professor Vincent P.K. Titanji Microsoft Corporation
15. Influenza surveillance in Cameroon Dr. Lucy Ndip Henry Jackson Foundation (HJF), USA
16. Characterization of erhlichia SPP infecting cattle in Cameroon Dr. Lucy Ndip TWAS (Academy of Sciences for the Developing World)
17. Malaria Pilot Community Research Project Prof. Theresa Akenji WHO
18. Global Forum for Health Research Dr. Ndeh Peter WHO
19. Gender, Globalisation and Land Tenure: The Chad-Cameroon Pipe Professor

Joyce Endeley,



20. Climate variability and climate change in Northern Cameroon DR. Ernest Molua IDRC-UNITAR
21. Application of Genomic and proteomic approaches in the characterization of human and bovine tubercle bacilli and implications for disease control Prof. Vincent P.K Titanji BecANet
22. The impact of land tenure practices on women’s right to land in Anglophone Cameroon and implications on sustainable development Professor

LotsmartFonjong, Dr.

Lawrence Fombe, Dr. Irene Sama-lang

23. Correlation of bark phytochemicals from annickia chlorantha with physiological and environmental variables across a forested African Landscape Prof. Simon Efange Smithsonian Institute, Washington
24. The influence of seasonal changes in hydrology Dr. Tening Aaron IAEA
25. Climate friendly waste management Dr. Josepha Foba Commonwealth and foreign office, UK
26. Mechanisms of erythrocytic infection and anaemia in malaria Prof. Vincent P.K Titanji University of Notre Dame, USA
27. Women’s Movements and the struggle for Socio-political space in the grasslands of Cameroon: A study of Anlu, Kelu, Tekembeng and Fuembuem Dr. Roselyn M. Jua, Walters Nkwi and Henry Kah CODESRIA NWG Research Grant
28. Gene-Environment studies in podoconiosis Dr. Wanji Samuel Welcome Trust Limited
29. Female representative for crop science in Africa


Dr Lum Ayeoffe Fontem
30. Documenting the Royal Honorific Language of Bafut, a Grass fields Bantu Language of North West Cameroon


Dr. Ayu’nwi Ngwabe Neba HRELP Project, London
31. 1.      Poverty eradication and grass root empowerment through sustainable integrated agriculture development: Fish Cum Rice and Pig production. Lead University: Njala University, Sierra Leone.


Dr. Pius Mbu Oben

(Cameroon National Coordinator: CORAF – WECARD)

World Bank Project:

West and Central African Council for agricultural research and development (CORAF/WECARD) competitive grant and commissioned research schemes

32. 2.      Sustainable integrated Pond Based Aquaculture with Rice and Poultry production: Economic, Social and Environmental assessment. Lead University: University of Ibadan, Nigeria Dr. Pius Mbu Oben

(Cameroon National Coordinator: CORAF – WECARD)

World Bank Project:

West and Central African Council for agricultural research and development

(CORAF/WECARD) competitive grant and commissioned research schemes

33. Developing a macroflaricial drug for onchocerciasis using anacor’s novel oxaborole technology Dr. Fidelis Cho-Ngwa & Prof. Vincent P. K. Titanji New York Blood Center
34. To establish a Drug Discovery Centre at the University of Buea Dr. Fidelis Cho-Ngwa WHO/TDR
35. Studies on developing surveillance/monitoring and integrated management systems for the oil palm leaf miner beetle (coelaemenodera minuta uhmann) in the Cameroon Development Corporation. Dr. Ntonnifor Nelson /
36. IPICS : Biotech Project. Prof. Vincent Titanji IPICS
37. Benedict College. Professor Leke Tambo
38. IFS Grant Dr. Ndip Roland IFS Grant
39. Order, disorder and chaos in biophysical systems: Unveiling the complex dynamics of the neuronal system. Dr. Dikande Alain Moise TWAS
40. The youths in Africa’s labour market: quality of employment, unemployment and underemployment Dr. Tabi Atemnkeng Johannes Africa Economic Research Consortium (AERC)
41. Using geospartial tools to investigate how deforestation affects the transmission of malaria in birds. Dr. Anong Nota Demian NAS sub-grant award


Capacity Building Projects

No. Project Title PI Sponsor
1. UB AERC Project Dr. Sama Molem AERC Project
2. Validating a combined geo-epidemiological approach to sampling for a geo-chemical disease. Prof. Samuel Wanji WELLCOME Trust to University of Sussex and UB as sub-contractor.
3. University Development Co-operation, Own Initiatives Scheme, 2006: Geohazards Monitoring Project (International collaborative research and capacity building project) Dr. Samuel Ayonghe (UB based local promoter VLIR (Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad)
4. European and Developing countries Clinical Trials Partnerships for a post-doctoral position at UB as host institution for visiting researcher, Dr. Else Carole Ebounbou of the Marie-Curie University in France Dr. Else Carole Ebounbou EDCTP
5. Networks of excellence project Professor Peter Ndumbe EDCTP-EEIG, the Hague
6. Research and Innovation Management Improvement  for Africa and the Caribbean for the Successful Stimulation and Dissemination of Research Results (RIMI4AC) Dr. Josepha Foba EU ACP
7. DOBES Training Workshop at the Max Plank Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijegen- Holland Dr. Roselyn M. Jua, Dr. Gratien Atindogbe  and Dr. Canute Ngwa Volkwagen Shiftung Grant
8. IFS research project F/4186-2 titled “Resistance of uro-genital tract infectious agents to currently used antibiotics: search for solutions in some medicinal plants from Cameroon”. Dr. Assob Nguedia Jules Clement, PI IFS
9. Developing a macrofilarial drug for onchocerciasis through a pan-Africa consortium -Dr. Fidelis Cho-Ngwa (PI)

– Prof. Simon Efange (Co-PI)

African network for drugs and diagnosis innovation (ANDI) UNECA.
10. IFS Project No. F/5122-1 (New Antiplasmodial Compounds from Dacryodes edulis (G. Don) Lam. and Coula edulis Baill. Selected medicinal plants used to treat malaria symptoms in Western Cameroon Dr. Zofou Denis IFS
11. Generation X in Cameroon, nowhere to go, but everywhere to go, in the twenty somethings. Dr. Joseph Lo-oh (FED) DCF Fellowship
12. The precambrian mineral belt of Cameroon: gold, iron and associated elements. Prof. Cheo Emmanuel Suh (FS) AvH grant
13. Mapping evolutionary process in the face of climate change:  an integrated approach to education and conservation prioritization in Central Africa. Dr. Eric Bertrand Fokam (UB contact for research team) National Science Foundation (NSF) grant
14. Pressures and impact of climate change in Cameroon on Health, water resources and agriculture: Consideration for immediate and future adaptation strategies. Prof. Samuel Ndonwi Ayonghe German National Academy of Science Leopoldina
15. Research grant to carryout fundamental research in mathematics in the University of Buea. Dr. Agbor Diudonne (FS) Alexander von Humboldt Postgraduate Fellowship
16. Cross-Cultural Psychology: An Africentric Perspective”, Centre File: 107226-001, Prof. Therese MungahShalo Tchombe IDRC
17. Population genetics of plasmodium falciparum parasites in natural populations of Buea, South Western Cameroon. Dr. Apinjoh Tobias The Medical Research Council (MRC) Univ. of Oxford
18. development and sustainable breeding of local chicken for improved productivity under local alternative feed DManagement system and Health control Christian keambou Tiambo International Initiative Africa-Brazil Agricultural Innovation Marketplace.
19. Development and sustainable breeding of local chicken for improved productivity under local alternative feed management system and health control Christian keambou Tiambo Africa-Brazil Agricultural Innovation Marketplace (ABAIM) EMBRAPA-FUNARBE
20. Development of a Research Strategic and Operational Plan and Guidelines for Accreditation and Evaluation of Research Units at the University of Buea. Division of Research and Publications

(coordinator; Dr Foba Tendo)

AAU Seed Grant Project
21. UB-ULB Project on strengthening the Onchocerciasis program in Cameroon. Dr. Stephen Mbigha Ghogomu Universite Libre de Bruxelles
22. Interrogating large scale land acquisitions and its implications for women’s land right in Sub-Saharan Africa Dr. Lotsmart Fonjong and his research team. IDRC grant based in Ottawa Canada.
23.  Malaria parasitemia and systemic cytokine bias in pregnant Cameroonian women.


Professor Vincent P.K. Titanji


International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Achidi Eric Akum


24. Accounting and OHADA business law. Prof. Martha Tumnde and Prof. Charles Elad British Academy Mobility Grant.
25. Effects of extracts of Aguaria salicifolia on liver diseases, in vitroand in vivo. Dr. Fotio Lambou epse Tonfack International Foundation for Science (IFS)
26. Morphological and molecular identification of fresh water prawn of genus macrobrachium in South Region of Cameroon Ms. Judith G. Makombu International Foundation for Science (IFS)
27. Documentation and description of Zerenkel, an Afro-Asiatic language of Chad belonging to East Chadic language family. Ramat Sakine (PhD Student at UB, from Chad) ELDP, SOAS – UK
28. Programme of implementation research to inform the effective and sustainable scaling-up of integrated neglected tropical disease (NTD) control initiatives Dr. Samuel Wanji (Co-PI) and Prof. Mark Taylor, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine , PI LSTM – Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
29. Computer Science for High School programme (for organization of training workshop for computer science teachers in Fako) Dr. Denis Nkweteyim Google grant award
30. British Council, UK England African partnerships in higher education project on the strengthening of PhD training in Africa (South-North, South-South collaborative project) Prof. Tchombe Fombe British Council, UK England
31. STARS Project (a pilot training  programme with two main strands of activity involving 12 African universities) University of Buea (institutional team with Dr. Foba as institutional contact) Robert Bosch Stiftung, Germany
32. Howard University GEAR UP Program in partnership with the University of Buea for undergraduate research  exchange mobility of students


Lorraine Fleming (PI), and Josepha Foba,(UB contact)


United States National Science Foundation