Staff and students of UB, including well-meaning guests, are welcome to UB. However,  no one should come to campus (A, B & HTTTC) in prescribed mourning clothes.

Hence, please adhere to these Orders:

  1.  No red and black clothing on campus. Anyone clad in such outfit will be arrested.
  2. With regard to the omission of Level 400 students by Yaounde for the Head of State’s Excellence Award, go to Yaounde to follow up if you think there is camouflage. No VC, Accounting Officer or Paymaster General is playing foul with your money as it is calculated per franc, per student. Find out the process for yourself rather than rely on falsehoods.
  3. Regarding registration, there are university rules that must be obeyed. Students cannot engage in and out of the on-line registration process as they want and expect indulgence. On-line is the wave of the future for any first-class university of this century and it is accompanied by rules.
  4. Any group of more than three persons is prohibited on campus until further notice.
  5. Wrongly-oriented persons shall bear the consequences.

Nalova Lyonga, Vice-Chancellor