Sakwe Nekongo (Dean – FAVM)


Name of staff:             Pierre Nekongo Sakwe
Department:               Agronomic and Applied Molecular Sciences
Faculty:                        Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
E-mail:                          sakwenekongo@yahoo.com
Telephone:                  +237 679 45 94 10
GRADE:                        Associate Professor



PhD Plant Nematology             University of Ghent, Belgium
MSc Plant Pathology                 Iowa State University, USA
BSc Microbiology                      University of Ife, Nigeria


Identification  of plant-parasitic nematodes of field and vegetable crops, their socio-economic impact, and their control.


4 most impactful

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Book Chapter

Parh, I. A., Sakwe, P. N. and Fontem, D. A. 1998. Pest and Disease Management in Tropical Crops. Distance Education Centre Course DE 010CP. University of Dschang. 268 pp. I contributed  the chapter on “Management of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes.”



Pierre N. Sakwe is an Associate Professor of Plant Nematology. He has worked extensively on the plant-parasitic nematodes of field and vegetable crops of Cameroon, focusing on the identification, taxonomy, socio-economic impact, and control of the nematodes. His interest in plant nematology has taken him, for short courses and fellowships, to France, Israel, Germany, and Canada.

Currently, he is leading a research team to study the plant-parasitic nematodes associated with yams (Dioscorea spp.) in the South West, Littoral, West, and North West Regions of Cameroon.