Denis ZOFOU,Ph.D

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ZofouFACULTY:                   Science
DEPARTMENT:          Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
E-mail:                      ofou.denis@ubuea.cm / zofden@yahoo.com
Tel:                           +237 67718 3510
GRADE:                     Instructor

Denis Zofou studied biochemistry in the Universities of Dschang, Yaounde I and Buea,all in Cameroon, where he obtained his BSc (1999) and Postgraduate Diploma (2001),MSc (2005) and PhD (2011)degrees, respectively. He has been working with the University of Buea as Senior Instructor of Biochemistry and Researcher, actively involved in both undergraduates and postgraduates programmes in Biochemistry, Molecular Parasitology and Pharmacology, since 2010. Dr. Zofou has equally been collaborating with the Faculty of Health Sciences, as part-time lecturer for the past three years.

Drug Discovery and Development, especially targeting Neglected Tropical Diseases (Malaria, Trypanosomiasis and Filaria) and Diabetes.

I have supervised 02 MSc students:
1. “Optimizationof in vitro maintenance of microfilariae and infective larvae of Loa loa and its relevance for drug screening for loiasis”, by Mr. Gandjui Tchamatchoua Victor Narcisse, Faulty of Science, 2015.

2. “Evaluation of myocardial manifestation in HIV infected patients on anti-retroviral treatment and their correlation to CD4+ T cells count in the Buea Regional Hospital Annex”, by Njiomene Fabrice, Faculty of Health Sciences, 2015


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Personal Summary

Dr Denis Zofou is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher and Senior Instructor, working with the University of Buea, Cameroon. His research focuses mainly on drug discovery and development against major tropical diseases and Diabetes, especially from natural products.
At the Biotechnology Unit (University of Buea, Cameroon), Dr. Zofou and collaborators have been working towards optimizing the quality of plant products both as standardized phytomedicines or source of new drug candidates. He is currently leading two research projects: 1) an TWAS / IFS-Sponsored malaria drug discovery project hosted by the University of Buea, focusing on lead development for malaria treatment from medicinal plants, 2) A Research Grant awarded by the African Organization for Intellectual Property co-hosted by the Cameroon Institute of Medical Research and Medicinal Plants Studies (IMPM, Yaounde) and the University of Buea, to design two improved phytomedicines from locally used medicinal plants. Mapping drug resistance patterns through molecular epidemiology of malaria is part of their future goals. Dr. Zofou has co-authored one book chapter and more than 20 scientific articles in internationally renowned journals.
Dr. Zofou is laureate of the 2014 TWAS-ROSSA Young Scientists Prize in Applied Sciences; awarded by The World Academy of Sciences, in recognition of Dr. Zofou’s studies on anti-malarial products for the treatment of drug resistant malaria.
He has also been working closely with traditional healers through the Non-governmental organization, Nature & Health initiative, promoting Good Practice of Traditional Medicines and optimizing the repertoire of medicinal plants in Cameroon. Dr. Zofou has contributed as reviewer in several international journals. He is member of editorial board of the Journal of Biotechnology and Biomaterials, OMICS Publishing Group, USA, and Corresponding Editor, International Journal of Ethnomedicine and Pharmacognosy, MICHAEL JOANNA PUBLICATIONS, Nigeria.
Dr. Zofou is fellow/member of some national and international learned organizations including the following: International Foundation for Science (Grantee fellow), The World Acadethe Cameroon Society of Biosciences, Medécins d’Afrique, the African Network for Drug Discovery and Diagnosis Innovation (ANDI), International Society of Infectious Diseases (ISID).

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