Frida Menkan Mbunda-Nekang

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FACULTY                        Arts
DEPARTMENT:              English
E-mail:                           fnekang.mbunda@ubuea,cm
Secondary E-mail:       da_nimo@yahoo.com
Tel:                                 675090633,697382406,243215860
GRADE:                          Lecturer

University of Yaoundé 1 (1989-1992) B.A. English
University of Nigeria, Nsukka (1992 – 1995), M.A. Literature
University of Nigeria, Nsukka (1995 – 2001), Ph.D African Literature ( Oral Literature)

Literatures in English ( African oral and Written Literature
Gender and Literature
Literature and the environment

I have supervised Four MA students:
1.Njoka Divine Ngwang. Njoka. The aesthetic of Incantations in Nkor Tradi-medical Practice 2013

2. Lum Lynda. Folksongs and Commitment: A comparative Study of the Lyrics of Louis Armstrong and Princes Nico Mbarga 2015

3. Blessed Efilo Ngoe (AR13P057). “Negotiating Eco violence and the Politics of Existence in Oroko Oral Narratives”2015.

4. Nfor Neola Nfor (AR12A895) “Imaging the Girl Child in African Children’s Literature.


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… ‘The Supernatural Character in Bole Butake’s And Palm Wine will Flow and Lake God’ accepted for Emerging Perspectives on Cameroon Anglophone Drama. Ed. Rosylne Jua 2016

Book Chapters
Mbunda Frida Menkan(2002) Poems in (e.d). Emeka Otagburuagu & F. U. Okoro. Apples of Gold: A pageant of Modern Nigerian Poetry. Nigeria: Rainbow Publisher Ltd.

…..Poems inReflections: An Anthology of New Work by African Women Poets
(editors editors )Anthonia C. Kalu, Juliana Makuchi Nfah-Abbenyi, and Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka, editors

Mbunda Frida Menkan(2002)Wonder Tales of Oku (Cameroon) and the Aesthetics of Storytelling. Enugu: Keny&Brothers Enterprises
… (2009) Shadows from the Abyss. (a collection of poetry) Bamenda: Langaa Research Publishing,

Sexuality, Money, Power and Occultism: A Review of Nyamnjoh’s Married But Available. http://www.pambazuka.org/.

Frida Menkan Mbunda-Nekang (Ph.D) is a Senior lecturer of African Literature in the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, and University of Buea. She is an experienced teacher who has taught at Kogi state University Ayangba and University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria and was a visiting scholar at the Omar Bungo University, Gabon. Her research interest is literature and cultural propagation and Literature and space. She has published in both national and international journals, has served as acting Head for students’ records and is presently the Head of the Department of English. Frida Mbunda is a devoted teacher and Christian, an actor, a Rotarian and a member of Bruno Groening’s friends for positive Aid to life.

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