Ndame Thomas

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NdameFACULTY :                    EDUCATION
Secondary E-mail:      ndametom@yahoo.com
Tel:                               (+237)678-008-832
GRADE:                        Instructor

•    EdD (Professional Doctorate) Special Educational Needs (SEN)/Inclusive Education, 2012 (Exeter, UK)
•    Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) 2011 (Exeter, UK)
•    MA Special Educational Needs (SEN)/Therapeutic Approach, July 2006 (Marladalen, Sweden)
•    MA Teaching of French as Second/Foreign Language (TOFFL), 1997 (Buea, Cameroon)
•    DEPES II (Postgraduate Diploma) in English/French Education, 1994 (ENS-Yaoundé I, Cameroon)
•    DSEP in French Language, Literature, Culture and Civilization, 1991 (Besancon, France)
•    BA English/French Modern Letters, 1991 ( Yaoundé I, Cameroon)
Presently, Special Educational Needs (SEN)/Inclusive Education (IE)
Researcher/ Lecturer and Consultant/Practitioner
Member of some national and international professional organizations

Learning Disabilities (Disability Studies), Inclusive Education, Multi-agency services, Assessment and Intervention, Early Childhood Intervention (ECI), Gifted and Talented Education,   Inclusive Teacher Training and Education, Inclusive policy formulation and development.

I have not supervised any yet

I have not supervised any yet

Ndame T. (2015) “Multidisciplinary and highly contested nature of Inclusive Education and its utilities”-
Paper presented at the Second Biennial Inclusive Education Symposium in West and Central Africa, under the   Auspices of  UNESCO, at the University of Buea, Cameroon, April 6-10, 2015.

Ndame T. (2014) Whole School Inclusion: Case Study of two Secondary schools in Cameroon African Journal of Special Education (AJOSE) Vol. (2) No.1 March 2014, 139-159

Ndame T. (2011) “Whole school inclusion: focus on linguistic and cultural dimensions”. Paper presented on May 14, 2011 at the Staff and Student Conference in the Graduate School of Education, St      Luke’s Campus, University of Exeter, UK.

Allwood, J., Voionmaa, K., Berbyuk, N., Dianyu, L. &  Ndame, T. (2002) “ Stick head in the bush” Sticka huvudet i busken. In Ett växande vetande. Vetenskapsrådets temabok 2002,   Uppsala, ISBN: 91-7307-015-7, 23-34 (11) Sweden.

Ndame Thomas is a licensed special educator, professionally trained as inclusive education consultant, practitioner, researcher and lecturer in Sweden and the UK. Presently, he is recruited as an Instructor of Special Educational Needs at the University of Buea, Cameroon. He has research interest in the abovementioned areas. His national and international training and working experiencing in Cameroon, France, Sweden and the UK have helped in shaping his present professional portfolio. He is also a member of some national and international professional organizations.
In practical research activities, he has always been involved in many individual and team works. While in Sweden as a guest researcher in 2002, he jointly published an article: Stick head in the bush –“Sticka huvudet i busken” with colleagues of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Gothenburg. It consists of metaphoric expressions derived from natural vegetation as used in daily pragmatic communication and learning in Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Chinese and Cameroonian Languages. In Britain, during the annual staff and student conference at the University of Exeter in 2011, he presented a paper focused on cultural (official biculturalism) and linguistic (official bilingualism) dimensions of inclusion in the Cameroonian education system.
After his return to Cameroon in 2012, while applying for a teaching position at the University of Buea, he met and joined the UNESCO Chair research team in rounding up the transnational research entitled: “Inclusive Education in Institutions in Africa: The Preparedness of Educators”. Shortly afterwards, in March 2014, he published a paper reporting his doctorate empirical study in the AJOSE academic journal. Since his recruitment at the University of Buea in February 2015, he has been actively promoting inclusive education through teaching and supervising  some  undergraduate theses (long essays). He was also a member of the organizing research committee for the Second Biennial Inclusive Education Symposium in West and Central Africa hosted by the University of Buea, Cameroon in April, 2015. During the Symposium, he presented a paper which highlights the multidisciplinary characteristics of inclusive education, its role in enhancing health, educational, social and psychological support services to persons with special needs and its contribution in the development of individuals and the society.
His current research is focused on: “Developing a comprehensive and sustainable inclusive education policy-transforming the education system in Cameroon”, to help guide practice that removes or reduces barriers and facilitates schooling and education  for student diversity including those with disabilities, difficulties and disadvantages (DDD) in ordinary or mainstream institutions.

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