Cooperation Objectives

Strategic Objectives

The Cooperation Division, in line with the new Cameroon policy for the development of higher education which promotes professionalization and quality proce­dures within the framework of the BMP system, con­tinues its quest to establish and ensure the execution of fruitful partnerships and linkages with national, pub­lic and private bodies as well as with international institutions and industries.

Such partnerships have a five-fold purpose:

  • To enrich the programmes of study of the University and make them relevant to the needs of the job market;
  • To promote private sector contribution to curriculum development and training;
  • To provide solutions to problems which are tributary to our situation as a developing nation;
  • To expose students of the University of Buea to professional and industrial practices so that they can be immediately operational on gradua­tion;
  • To contribute to national development by improving the productivity of workers through specially tailored training.


Specific Objectives

  • Expand National and International Student and Staff exchange activities;
  • Expand National and International Research Cooperation activities
  • Enhance the National and International Principles in all Curricular Activities.
  • Expand National and International Partnership with the Private Sector and Industry


  • Effectiveness
  • Reliability
  • Consistency
  • Joint efforts
  • Resourcefulness