The Cooperation Division

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National and International Cooperation

Under the authority of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Research, Cooperation and Relations with the Business World (DVC/RCB), the Cooperation Division has the responsibility of coordinating all university wide initiatives furthering national and international cooperation. In addition, the Office is expected to advise, monitor and assist individual Departments, Faculties and Schools and Colleges in their cooperation and outreach activities. In order that the Office can best perform these latter responsibilities, all units of the university are expected to keep the Office informed of new initiatives and progress being made on existing national and international relationships and projects. Also, all Establishments are expected to keep the Cooperation Office informed of the general nature of national and international partnerships being developed and activities implementing partnership agreements. The Cooperation Division takes operational responsibility for those institutional, (national and international) service functions which are better administered in a collective manner and are of utility to all academic units.

The Division is managed by a team of dynamic Staff led by a Head of Division and two Heads of Services: Service Head for National and International Cooperation and Service Head for Extra African Cooperation and an office Administrative Assistant. Vice-Deans in charge of Research and Cooperation have been appointed in each Faculty/School/College to manage their respective cooperation and outreach activities in collaboration with the Cooperation Division, under the supervisory authority of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor/RCB and the Vice-Chancellor.

In pursuit of its vision, the University of Buea has developed a Cooperation Policy on national and international cooperation which seeks the realization of four major specific objectives. Benchmark data has been clearly specified for each objective to enable institutional performance with tools for monitoring and evaluation.

The University of Buea has equally established several National and International Partnerships. Partnership agreements or Memoranda of Understanding are signed with national and international academic institutions, the private and public sectors, business enterprises and industry, NGO’s and Civil Society organizations to enrich programmes of study within the framework of the BMD vision in terms of links with the business world. This is instrumental in maintaining national and international standards and the recognition of the university in the global economy of knowledge with its graduates having a cutting edge into the global workforce.

To ensure that partnerships are beneficial and also sustainable, a Check List containing terms and conditions of establishing MOU’s/Partnership Agreements or Contracts have been developed as a guide.

International Scholars and Students form an integral part of the University community.

The University of Buea, through its partnerships, receives and host annually, visiting scholars, exchange staff, and experts from industries who deliver lectures, carry out and facilitate research on a joint and individual basis and also assist with curriculum and staff development.


Full degree international students, exchange students, interns, study abroad students and students on study tours are received in the University of Buea and are all regarded as international students by virtue of the vibrant and strong linkages established with the University partners. Guidelines for incoming and outgoing exchange students have also been designed to effectively support the activities of international students. The University would like to use this platform to call for partnership with academic, business and other service organizations for the achievement of its strategic objectives.


Between 2012 and 2014, statistics show that over 100 international students were received in the different establishments and various programmes of the University. Visiting professors and exchange staff engaged in lectureship, research and other related activities were over 60. University of Buea is actually growing rapidly in internationalism. The University would like to use this platform to call for partnership with academic, business and other service organizations for the achievement of its strategic objectives.