PHEIS Mentored by UB

Private Higher Education Institutions Mentored by UB

S/N PHEI Location Date of Signature of Partnership Agreement Programmes Degree Programmes Available
01. Bamenda university of Science and Technology (BUST) Bamenda 14 April 2004 Education, Economics, Law and Management, Health Sciences B.Tech, BSc, B.Ed, MSc, M.Ed
02. Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB) Buea 13 May 2009 Education, Management Sciences, Health Sciences BSc, HND, B.Ed, B.Tech
03. Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) Bamenda 29 July 2010 and 9 August 2012 Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, Health Sciences, Agriculture, Engineering BA, B.Phil. BSc, MA, MPhil, MSc, PhD
04. Cameroon Christian University (CCU) Bamenda  

30 July 2010

Institute of Arts, Social and Management Sciences, Health Sciences, Mining and Metallurgy,  

BA, BSc, B.Eng, MSc, MPH, MA

05. Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) Buea  

3 June 2010

Management Sciences, Engineering and Technology, ICT, Agriculture, Tourism and Hospitality Management  

HND, B.Tech, BSc, B.Eng

06. Higher Institute of Applied Management Sciences (HIAMS) Buea 6 October 2009 MLS, Nursing, BSc, B.Tech
07. Higher Institute for Nurses and Techno-Sanitary Personnel (HINTP) Douala  

17 April 2011

MLS, Nursing, Public Health  

BSc, B.Tech, HPD, MSc

08. Institute Superieur des Affaires et Management (INSAM) Douala 12 September 2007 Health Sciences, Gaenacology and Obstetrics, Public Health HND, BSc, B.Tech, HPD, MSc, MPH
09. Institut Superieur de Traduction et d’Interprétation (ISTI) Yaounde 24 November 2009 Translation and Interpretation, Conference Interpretation BA, MA
10. MAFLEKUMEN Higher Institute of Health Sciences Tiko 2 May 2009 Nursing, Medical Laboratory Sciences HND, B.Tech
11. National Polytechnic Bambui (NPB) Bamenda  

25 June 2007

Business, Finance, Law, Management, Education, Journalism, Medical and Biomedical Sciences  

B.Tech, MSc

12. Complexe Universitaire SIANTOU Yaounde Accounting, Management, Computer Engineering, Banking and Finance, Journalism, Insurance  


13. ST. LOUIS Higher Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences Bamenda  

11 March 2011

Reproductive Health, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, MLS, Nursing, Midwifery, Pharmacy  

B.Tech, BSc, HND, HPD

New Partnerships (as from 2016)
14. Higher Institute of Professional Studies (HIPS) Buea  


14 November 2016

School of Business Accounting, Banking and Finance, Entrepreneurship and Innovation,

Human Resource Management, Insurance, Law, Logistics and Transport Management, Management, Marketing,  Public Administration




15. ISEC Higher Institute of Health and Human Sciences Limbe 23 November 2016 Health Sciences, Education, Social and Human Sciences, Management BA, BSN, BSc, HND,  M.Ed, MSc, Masters of Health Services Administration
Pending Partnerships
16. Institute Universitaire de la Cote (IUC) Douala