Prof. Fonkeng Epah George

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FonkengFACULTY:                      EDUCATION
DEPARTMENT:             Educational Foundation and Administration
E-mail:                         fonkengepah@ubuea.cm
Secondary E-mail:      fonkengepah@yahoo.fr, fonkengepahg@gmail.com
Tel:                               +237677862239
GRADE:                        Professor

Obtained a Licence and Maitrise from the University of Yaounde I and later studied at the University of Hull England where he obtained a Master and Ph.D in Educational studies specializing in Educational Administration. Received training on Advocacy and Human resource Management with a very strong background in Research Methodology.

Private Education, Educational Administration and Policy Issues, Educational demand, Gender in Education and Educational Psychology

I have supervised more than 100 Maitrise, and Master’s students as well as dissertations at the Higher Teachers’ Training College all of them with significant scholarly value:

1) The Dialectic of Curricular Organisation and Lack of Harmonisation in the Educational System of Cameroon Year of Defense: July 2013

2) Motivation And Job Satisfaction Related To Career Prospects Of Basic Education Teachers In Cameroon., Year of Defense: 2012

3) Motivation and Teachers’ Effectiveness in Primary Schools, Year of Defense: July 2013

4) Facteurs Psychoculturels et Resistance au Changement du Comportement : Le cas de la Lutte Contre la Corruption dans la Fonction Publique au Cameroun Year of Defense : February, 2016

1) The language Issue and Problems of Educational Harmonisation in the Republic of Cameroon, Educational Review, Vol. 38, N°3, 1991;

2) The Effects of Poverty on Access to and Quality of Basic Education in Cameroon Publisher: OCISCA, Works in Progress, Poverty and Social Policy, N°1, 1994;

3) Integrating the Environment in Educational Planning, Publisher, Les Cahiers d’OCISCA, ORSTOM-MINREST, N°26, 1995;

4) Discipline as a Major Determinant of Success in the Cameroon G.C.E.- Publisher, College of Preceptors, in Education Today, Vol.45, N°4,1995;

5) Gender and the Demand for Primary Educational in Cameroon-Publisher Advances in Gender Research: Social Change for Women and Children ; JAI Press, Vol. IV, 1999:

6) Strategies for Reducing Repetition in Cameroon Primary Schools, International Journal for Social Science Research, Yaounde, 2006

7) Non-formal Education and HIV/AIDS in Cameroon: Case Study ROCARE Publication, 2006

8) The Humanisation of the Teaching Process in Cameroon, International Journal for Social Science Research, Yaounde, 2006

9) Facteurs Déterminantes de la Scolarisation dans la Province de l’Est et les villes de Yaounde et Douala, Revue Internationale des Sciences Humaines et Sociales (RISHIS), Paris :Harmattan, 2008.

10) Higher Education and Economic Development in Africa : The Case of Cameroon ; Educational Research and Review Vol. 4 (5), pp. 231-246, May, 2009.

11) PolicyResearch and Scholarly Publication in Cameroon; Africa Institute of South Africa, 2010.

12) Les Enjeux Politiques de la Décentralisation en Afrique Subsaharienne ; Cahier Africain de Recherche en Education, 2010, No 7

13) Decentralisation of the Education System and Efficiency in the Universalisation of Primary Education in Cameroon, CNE/MINRESI, Mélange, vol.3, No 3, Nov. 2010

14) Cultural Practices and Adolescent Self Concept in Weh-Cameroon, ., in FESTSCHRIFT for Prof. Fanso, Maryland Printers, Bamenda 2011

15) Education Pour Tous: de Jomtien à Dakar+10 : Quelles Avancées Pour l’Afrique ? , in A Handbook of African Educational Theories : A Generative Teacher Education Curriculum, 2011.

16) The Diffusion of Cultural Knowledge and Issues of Book Publishing and Practice in Central Africa: The Case of Cameroon, JERBS, Vol. 14, No. 062

17) Teachers’ Conceptions and Obstacles to Sex Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in Cameroon. International Journal of Science and Research, 4 (1). 2767- 2772. http:// www. ijrs.net Paper ID: SUB15848 (2014).

18) Determinants of Teachers‟ Conception of Sex Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in Cameroon. International Journal of Science and Research, 4 (2). 996- 1002. http:// www. ijrs.net Paper ID: SUB15850 (2015).

19) University Reforms in Africa: For Better or for Worse? The Case of the 1993 University Reforms in the Republic of Cameroon (in Press, 2015).

1) Secondary School Administration and Principalship; Yaounde: PUA,2004.

2) The History of Education in Cameroon,1844-2004. Lewiston, New York (USA): The Edwin Mellen Press, 2008.

3) Précis de Méthodologie en Sciences Sociales,Yaounde: Graphicam, 2014

FONKENG EPAH GEORGE is a Professor of Education and particularly Educational Administration at all levels of the educational system of Cameroon. He has Particular interest in Private education and Higher Education in terms of their functioning and contribution to development. He possesses an appreciable record of post graduate supervision with an excellent record of implication in educational research activities and research networking. He other duties such as: Trainer- ERNWACA Small Grant Researchers, Accra, Ghana, 2009
Trainer- ERNWACA Small Grant Researchers, Yaounde, Cameroon, 2010
Trainer – ERNWACA Small Grant Researchers, Lome, Togo, 2013
Trainer on Scientific Writing for senior Researchers, Cotonou, Benin, 2014
Field Editor, Edwin Mellen Press, USA
Member, Scientific Committee, International Review of Human and Social Sciences
Member scientific Committee, Faculty of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences, University of Yaounde I
Member Regional Scientific Committee, Educational Research Network for West and Central Africa (ERNWACA)
Member Postgraduate School, University of Yaounde I
Since 1995 he has been involved in teaching at the University of Yaounde I with courses on the following:
Educational Management and Administration. Economics of Education
Research Methodology in Social Sciences
Bilingual Training Guidance and Counselling.
Educational foundations
History of Education in Cameroon
He is also a visiting lecturer to the University of Maroua and the Catholic University of Bertoua

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