Roland Ndille Ntongwe

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NdilleFACULTY:                    ARTS
E-mail:                        roland. ndille@ubuea.cm
Secondary E-mail:     royndille@yahoo.com
Tel:                              +237 7772 5976
GRADE:                       Lecturer

Bachelor of Arts/honours History and Political Science; Diploma (Conflict Resolution); Postgraduate Certificate (Teacher Training); Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Teaching History); Master of Arts (African History) with Distinction; Master of Education (Curriculum Studies and Teaching (First Class); Doctor of Literature and Philosophy (with Distinction); Graduate Certificate (Heritage Studies)

History and Policy of Education; Historiography and History Pedagogy; Postcolonial and Decolonial Theories; Curriculum Reform (History and Citizenship) History of Labour and Religion

I have supervised five (5) MSc students:
Funjea, A. (2015), Cultural Tourism in Babungo: Strategies for Sustainable Development 1990-2015 (completed)

Nkemateah, M (2015), NGOs and Poverty Alleviation in the South West Region: A Historical Assessment 1990-2010 (On Going)

Suh, S., (2015) Britain and Education in the Development of Southern Cameroon: A Decolonial Historical Analysis of the Bamenda Division/Province (1922-1961) (On Going)

Tumah, C. (2015) Electoral Systems and Democracy in Cameroon: A Historical Survey 1964-2013 (On Going)

Ngame, E., (2015) The Efficiency and Effectiveness of Councils in the Decentralization Process: A Case study of the Tombel Council in the Educational Sector 2008-2014 (Submitted for Defence)

Neweh, G., The Influence of the Different Types of Play on Children’s Socio-Emotional Skills Development (2-6 Years Old) Thesis co-supervised with Dr. Euphrasia Yuh; Faculty of Education (On-going)

Ndille, R.N, Ramoupi, N, ‘A Critique on the Discourse on the Africanization of Knowledge in the African University’ in The Africanization of Higher Education in Africa (University of Johannesbourg)

Ndille, R.N., English and French as National languages in Cameroon: the intentionality of colonial representations and the failure of a Cameroon-centric identity 1916 and after (Article submitted to African Notes: The Journal of the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan Nigeria, October 2015

Ndille, R.N, ‘Inclusive Education in Cameroon’ a Historio-Legal Survey’ in African Journal of Special Education, University of Buea,

Ndille, R.N, ‘Training to be farmers; while we were yet farmers: A Decolonial Reading of Primary Education in British Cameroons 1916-1961’ Journal of African Social Research, Nanyang Open University

Ndille, R.N, ‘A flip through my school history book: Why I must unlearn what I learnt to relearn’ African Studies Association of Africa (ASAA) Journal

Ndille, R.N., Ngome, E.N, ‘Killing our Spirituality: The Basel Missionaries and the Bakossi of Mwetug 1896-1956’ International Journal of Religion and Spirituality, 5:3, 2015, pp.14-26

Ndille, R.N., ‘From Adaptation to Ruralization of Education in Cameroon: Replacing Six with Half a Dozen’ African Educational Research Journal, 3:3, 2015, pp.153-160

Ebune J.B., Ndille, R.N, ‘Constructing the Bakossi-Bakundu Common Heritage: Is Oral Tradition a Subjective Historical Source?’ International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities invention, 2(6), pp.1224-1236

Ngwa, C.A, ‘Ndille, R.N., Dual Heritage of Education in Cameroon: Implications for Systems Harmonization’ Pantikar Journal of social Sciences, University of Bamenda

Ndille, R.N, A.J. Belle, ‘Managing the Limbe Floods: Consideration for Disaster risk reduction in Cameroon’. International Journal of disaster risk science, Beijing Normal University 5(2) June 2014, pp147-158

Ndille, R.N., Teacher Training in British Southern Cameroons 1916-1961: Educational Historiography in Postcolonialism. African Journal of Social Sciences: A Multidisciplinary journal of Social Sciences University of Buea 5(2) June 2014.

Ndille, R.N., Reunification of Education in Cameroon: Co-existing or developing a national culture 1961-2001 in Journal of Education in Developing Areas, University of Port Harcourt 21 (2) October 2013, pp307-329

Ndille, R.N., Indigenization and/or Globalization: Is African historiography caught between the hammer and the hard place? In Odukoya, A.O., Alternative Development Strategies for Africa: A Festschrift for Gabriel Olatunde Babawale. Lagos: Centre for African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC), 2013, pp27-46

Roland Ndille Ntongwe is a Senior Lecturer in History and Science of Education at the University of Buea, Cameroon. He did his university studies in Buea, Cameroon, Dalarna Sweden, Bloemfontein and Pretoria in South Africa. He is currently the Head of the Department of History at the University of Buea. He counts over 20 peer reviewed articles in both local and International Journals as well as book Chapters. His research interests are in History and Policy of Education, Teaching History, Curriculum Development, History of Religion and Labour and Decolonial/Postcolonial Theories. He is a member of several international associations amongst which are The African Studies Association of Africa (Vice-Chair of the Nomination Committee); the African Institute of South Africa; the International Association of History of Education; The Southern Africa Historiography Association and the Nigerian Association of History of Education. He is also Vice Chair of the Youth Transition to Adulthood National Working Group and the Africanization of Education International Working Group amongst others. He has attended many international conferences/Workshops within his research area, in Cameroon, Africa, and Europe. Dr. Ndille is committed to the Indigenization of Historical Knowledge in Cameroon’s Primary and Secondary Schools.

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