Christopher Ngosong


image004 Name of staff:             Dr. Christopher Ngosong

Department                 Agronomic and Applied Molecular Sciences

Faculty                            Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

E-mail:                            ngosongk@yahoo.com

Telephone                      237 – 678 671 071

                                                         GRADE                          Senior Lecturer



 2011 – Humboldt University of Berlin Germany – PhD. Biology-Ecology (with focus on soil biology/ecology and soil fertility management in arable systems).

2005 – University of Hohenheim Germany – MSc. Agricultural Food Production and Environmental Protection (with focus on soil biology/ecology and soil fertility management in arable systems).

2001 – University of Buea Cameroon – BSc. Geography and Environmental Science (with focus on biogeography/soils and environmental management). BSc. in Geography and Environmental Sciences (with focus on biogeography/soils, agriculture and environmental management).


·         Agricultural Production and Environmental Sciences:

·         Soil Sciences; soil biology and soil fertility management, soil ecology, plant-soil interactions, fertilizers and plant nutrition, man-soil interactions, Organic fertilizers, mycology, rhizobiology, integrated soil fertility management, etc. Climate Change and Natural Resource Management; carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emission, ecotoxicology and environmental analytics, etc.

·         Cropping Systems: legume intercropping, smallholder farming systems, crop rotation, cover cropping systems, seed production and systems, crop evolution and adaptability, etc





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Personal Summary

 Dr. Christopher Ngosong is an Assistant Lecturer of Soil Science, with focus on Soil Biology/Ecology and Soil Fertility Management. He has experiences in research and teaching/supervision across Africa (Cameroon, DR Congo, Kenya), Canada and Germany. He has held many fellowships and led projects to promote sustainable agricultural development, and devises best-bet options for integrated soil fertility management (ISFM) in smallholder farming systems for Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

He has over eight peer-reviewed scientific publications in leading Soil Science and Agronomy Journals, with one authored book in the field.His current researches explore best-fit ISFM techniques for smallholder farmers in SSA, involving soil beneficial microbes (i.e. rhizobia and mycorrhiza) and locally available organic materials to improve soil fertility and plant nutrition.

He currently holds the Bentley Cropping Systems Postdoctoral Fellowship “Improving productivity in smallholder legume-based intercropping systems via bio-organic soil amendments”(International Development Research Center – IDRC Canada).He was a System Agronomist-Postdoctoral Fellow at International Institute of Tropical Agriculture-IITA DR Congo and Coordinator of N2Africa project “Putting Nitrogen Fixation to Work for Smallholder farmers in SSA” and acting Officer In Charge – OIC Bukavu station; Recipient of “McGill Sustainable Agriculture International Postdoctoral Fellowship 2011” at the Department of Natural Resource Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, McGill University, Canada; Graduate Research Assistant at Humboldt University of Berlin Germany, Graduate Research Assistant at Technical University of Darmstadt Germany; and Research Fellow at the University of Hohenheim Germany.-