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On these pages, we are proud to showcase our fine researchers who remain commited to research, which is the heartbeat of our university. It is our objective promote research and innovation for community development. We welcome you to browse through the profiles of our researchers. Where necessary, feel free to contact and communicate with them for collaboration and networking. 

Pierre N. Sakwe is an Associate Professor of Plant Nematology. He has worked extensively on the plant-parasitic nematodes of field and vegetable crops of Cameroon, focusing on the identification, taxonomy, socio-economic impact, and control of the nematodes. His interest in plant nematology has taken him, for short courses and fellowships, to France, Israel, Germany, and Canada…. READ MORE


Aaron S. Tening  is an Associate Professor of Soil Science and particularly Soil Chemistry and Fertility. He is passionate about practical and applied research. He has developed several modules and courses in General Chemistry, Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Soil Science and Materials Science, which are taught across degree programmes ranging from …. READ MORE


Dr. Christopher Ngosong  is an Assistant Lecturer of Soil Science, with focus on Soil Biology/Ecology and Soil Fertility Management. He has experiences in research and teaching/supervision across Africa (Cameroon, DR Congo, Kenya), Canada and Germany. He has held many fellowships and led projects to promote sustainable agricultural development …. READ MORE


Yinda Yinda Godwin Sendze is a Lecturer of Soil Science with specialty in Soil Fertility and Fertilization, Land use, Soil Pollution and Solid Waste Management.  He has developed a special interest for waste management problems as they affect soil fertility and crops grown on polluted soils. This interest has culminated in a collaborative work with researchers…… READ MORE


Lum Fontem Lum A. Fontem is an Associate Professor. Her research work has had significant impact on development, food security and poverty alleviation among resource poor farmers. She has supervised nine M.Sc. theses and more than 60 B.Sc. Research Projects and is currently supervising one PhD student. She has published widely in the areas of Weed Science, Phytoremediation, Crop Protection and Agronomy. So far, she has over 35 peer-reviewed papers … READ MORE


Nkongho Raymond Ndip is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Agronomic and Applied Molecular Sciences in the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Buea since December 2011. He holds a PhD in Géographie et aménagement de l’espace from the University of Montpellier 3 in France, defended in 2015. His PhD research was focused on the realization of the 3 D’s of sustainability in the oil palm sector using …… READ MORE


MakoumbouJudith Georgette Makombu-Nguegium is specialist of Aquaculture. She obtained a PhD in Fisheries in 2015 at the University of Buea. She has particular interest on characterization and culture of African prawns with emphasis on fresh water prawn culture of the genus Macrobrachium. She has conducted several research works and she is author of five publications in peer-reviewed journals. In 2015, she won two grants from the International Foundation for Science (IFS) and …. READ MORE


Divine Ewane is an Instructor of Agriculture and Animal Science. He is involved in academic research and teaching in the university system and is a pragmatic and people – centred conservation and development practitioner with 20 years of professional experience in sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. He has pioneered projects in intensive wild animal domestication in Cameroon, Gabon and Congo. He also pioneered….. READ MORE


StephanieStephanie Mvodo has been teaching with universities for more than six years. She lectures courses such as Agricultural Marketing and Prices analysis, farm-strategic-project-financial management, research methods and projects, entrepreneurship and manufacturing strategies. Prior to University of Buea, she worked with the Saint Jerome Catholic University Institute …. READ MORE


ObenTomOben Tom Tabi is an Agronomist with a Ph.D in Crop Protection and Environmental Biology and specialization in Plant Pathology (Plant virology). He has vested interest in using molecular and biochemical tools in plant virus identification especially for emerging viruses. Based on these he has reported for the first time ‘New’ viruses on banana and plantain, fluted pumpkin and cocoyam in Angola, Cameroon and Nigeria; published 10 articles in International Journals with high …. READ MORE


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