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Christopher Agyingi is an Associate Professor of Petroleum Geology and Sedimentology. He has studied sediments ancient and modern, in surface and sub-surface from the Bida and the Niger Delta basins in Nigeria, the Niigata oil basin in Japan, the Ross in Antarctica and the Rio del Rey, Douala, Figuil and Manmfe basins in Cameroon. He has supervised over…….. Read more

BernardTiencheu Bernard is a Senior Lecturer of Biochemistry and particularly, his research interests are food science, food safety, food security food technology, food processing clinical nutrition Nutritional Biochemistry and health at the Faculty of Science University of Buea. He has particular interest within the Sub Saharan Africa’s food security. He had obtained grant …… Read more

GhogomuDr. Ghogomu M. Stephen is a lecturer of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and head of the Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory of the Biotechnology Unit, Faculty of Science. He runs a research and development project on strengthening the Onchocerciasis (River blindness) elimination program in Cameroon, a project that falls within a scientific, pedagogic and technical …….. Read More