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On these pages, we are proud to showcase our fine researchers who remain commited to research, which is the heartbeat of our university. It is our objective promote research and innovation for community development. We welcome you to browse through the profiles of our researchers. Where necessary, feel free to contact and communicate with them for collaboration and networking.

regProfessor Roland N. NDIP obtained his PhD in 1994 from the Edo State University, Ekpoma, Nigeria. He has worked as a professional Microbiologist for over 20 years, successively at Edo State University, Nigeria; University of Fort Hare, South Africa and the University of Buea, Cameroon rising to the rank of Professor of Microbiology. His research ……….. Read More



AkoachereAkoachere Richard Ayuk II is a Lecturer of Hydrogeology (1990- till date) with over twenty-six years of hydrogeology field experience. He has particular interest within African growing cities in Potable Water Access and Groundwater Characterization. He has pioneered projects across the Central and South African regions in this domain. With a great track record in post graduate research supervision and a good blend ……… Read More


JamesDr. Mbah J. Ajeck is a lecturer of Organic Chemistry. He has particular interest in natural product drug discovery from medicinal plants. Under the International Conservation Biodiversity Group (ICBG) he set up the Phytochemistry Research Laboratory at the University of Buea in 2002. With a great track record in post graduate research supervision,…. Read More



AgnesMrs Agnes Namondo Mbongo nee Lyonga is lecturing at the University of Buea and is also involved in research with some Lecturers in some Nigerian Universities of which they have gotten a few publications. She has undergone research training at Uppsala University in Sweden on enzyme kinetics organized by the International Program in the Chemical Sciences….. Read More


BopdaOrelien Sylvain Bopda is a Lecturer of Physiology. He has developed interest in the research field of Cardiovascular Physiology and Pharmacology. Also, he is interested with exercise related cardiovascular physiology. Before his recruitment at the University of Buea (UB), he was part-time Lecturer of Physiology at “ENS Yaounde” (University of Yaounde I). He also experienced a post-doctoral training in Romania, in 2009, ………… Read More


Che VivianChe Vivian Bih is lecturer in Geology with the Department of Geology. Her research interest is in natural hazard mapping, characterization, monitoring and modeling. Currently her research involves mapping and characterization of landslide hazards and risks, and assessing the vulnerability of persons and infrastructure in several parts of the South West,…. Read more


KeambouChristian Keambou Tiambo is Lecturer of Animal Breeding and Genetics Improvement in the Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, University of Buea. He also teaches in other Higher Institutions of Cameroon and  ……. Read more



KenkoDaniel B. K. Nkontcheu is an early career researcher and assistant lecturer of ecology, with specialization in Ecotoxicology and hydrobiology. He carries out research on the incidence of environmental contaminants on living organisms especially the aquatic life. He was awarded……. Read More


NadegeKouémou E. Nadège is a holder of a DEA (Diplome d’Etudes Approfondies) in Zoology and Animal Physiology obtained in the University of Yaoundé I in 2008. Actually, she is a PhD candidate in neuropharmacology in the Faculty of Science of the University of Ngaoundere. And her PhD work title is Neuroprotective effect of a Cameroonian plant…….. Read More


MajomoMajoumo-Mbe graduated at the University of Yaounde I, Cameroon in 1995. In 2000 she started her Ph.D. with Prof. Dr. Evamarie Hey-Hawkins at the University of Leipzig (Germany). One of the great successes of her research project was the synthesis of new bulky phosphanylamines and the application of their metal complexes in catalysis. ………….Read More


ManfoDr.MANFO TSAGUE Faustin Pascal is a Researcher and Lecturer, whose research mostly focuses on the effect of environmental contaminants on human and animal health. Various chemicals of industrial importance are being released into the environment in the course of their production, use, and disposal. According to the World Health Organization, about a quarter of the diseases faced by mankind today are ………. Read More



moyehMarcel Moyeh Nyuylam is an Assistant lecturer of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Faculty of Science. He is a young scientist interested in malaria research geared towards evaluating the safety and efficacy of antimalarial drugs
His present research work for which he is pursuing a PhD is aimed at determining the efficacy and safety of artemisinin based antimalarial drug  … Read more


Cyrille Nana is a lecturer in Mathematics. His field of interest is Classical Analyis including Complex Analysis and Harmonic Analysis. He has particular interest in the study of L^p-boundedness of Bergman projectors and related operators such as Hankel operator and Toeplitz operators. He has so far supervised 10 DIPES II students …. Read more


NdemaNDEMA MBONGUE Jean-Lavenir is an assistant Lecturer, in the Department of Geology from the University of Buea. My research interest areas are Petrology and Structural Geology, Metamorphism, Geochemistry and Geochronology, Apply Geology……….. Read More



ReneDr. Rene Bilingwe Ayiseh is a Senior Instructor of Biotechnology in the Department Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He has worked on cell death processes and inflammation, with a special focus on inflammatory bowel diseases. In his PhD studies, he used transgenic mice to elucidate the ….Read More


TiabouMr Tiabou Feudjio Anicet is an Assistant Lecturer of Geology, Faculty of Science, University of Buea. He is interested in Volcanology; Igneous Petrology; Geochemistry and Natural Hazards along the Cameroon Volcanic Line (CVL), which is one of the major geological feature in Africa and in the world.
He is currently working on monogenetic volcanoes…...Read more


ZofouDr Denis Zofou is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher and Senior Instructor, working with the University of Buea, Cameroon. His research focuses mainly on drug discovery and development against major tropical diseases and Diabetes, especially from natural products. At the Biotechnology Unit (University of Buea, Cameroon), Dr. Zofou and collaborators have been working towards optimizing …… Read more


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