Che Vivian Bih

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Che VivianFACULTY :                  SCIENCE
E-mail:                        che.vivian@ubuea.cm
Secondary E-mail:     chevivianbih@gmail.com or  chevivianbih@yahoo.com
Tel:                             +237 675030802
GRADE:                       Lecturer


June 2011 :    PhD in Geology from Ghent University, Belgium.
August 2006:  Masters of Science (MSc) Degree in Applied Geology ; University of Buea, Cameroon.
June 2004 :  Post graduate diploma in Applied Geology (Maitrise en Geologie Appliquee (option Formation Surperficiel)) ; University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon.
August 2003 :  Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Geology with a minor in Environmental Science ; University of Buea, Cameroon.



Environmental Geology (landslide mapping and evaluation, volcanic hazards assessment), Volcanology and igneous petrology, Application of GIS and remote sensing in the earth sciences


I have supervised 1 MSc student

Geotechnical characterization of six landslide along the Bamenda Mamfe Road by Etta Boris Nyenti.




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Omang B.O., Che V.B., Fon A.N., Embui V., Suh E.C., 2014. Regional geochemical stream sediment survey for gold exploration in the Upper Lom Basin, eastern Cameroon. International Journal of Geosciences 5, 9, 1012-1026.

Tening A.s., Chuyong G.B., Asongwe G.A., Fonge B.A., Lifongo L.L., Mvondo-Ze A.D., Che V.B., and Suh E.C., 2013. Contributiion of some water bodies and the role of soils in the physicochemical enrichment of the douala-Edea mangrove ecosystem. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 7, 5, 336-349.

Che V.B., Trefois P., Kervyn M., Ernst G.G.J., Van Ranst E., Verbrugge J-C., Schroeder C., Jacobs P., Suh C.E., 2013. Geotechnical and mineralogical characterization of soils from landslides scar and inferred sliding mechanism: case of limbe, SW Cameroon. In Landslide Science and Practice, pp43-49. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

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Che V.B., Kervyn M., Suh C.E., Fontijn K., Ernst G.G.J., del Marmol M.-A., Trefois P., Jacobs P. 2012. Landslide susceptibility assessment in Limbe (SW Cameroon): A field calibrated seed cell and information value method. Catena 92, 83-98.

Che V. B., Fontijn K., Ernst G.G.J., Kervyn M., Elburg M., van Ranst E., Suh C. E., 2012. Evaluating the degree of weathering in landslide –prone soils in the humid tropics: the case of Limbe, SW Cameroon. Geoderma 170, 378-389

Che V.B., Kervyn M., Ernst G.G.J., Trefois P., Ayonghe N.S., Jacobs P., Van Ranst E., Suh E.C., 2011. Systematic documentation of landslide events in Limbe area (Mt Cameroon Volcano, SW Cameroon): geometry, controlling and triggering factors. Natural hazards 59, 47-74.

Personal Summary

Che Vivian Bih is lecturer in Geology with the Department of Geology. Her research interest is in natural hazard mapping, characterization, monitoring and modeling. Currently her research involves mapping and characterization of landslide hazards and risks, and assessing the vulnerability of persons and infrastructure in several parts of the South West, North West and Western Regions of Cameroon. She is also involved in modeling landslide scenarios and initiation mechanisms. Her research combines observations from direct field measurements, laboratory analysis, satellite image interpretation and other remote sensing tools and integrates these on a GIS platform for easy visualization. She is also involved in cartography with 2 and 3 D display for Geochemical and geophysical data. She recently broadened her research interest into material Science and focuses on petrochemical and geotechnical evaluation of hard rocks (granitic rocks) as suitable dimension stone.

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