Sakwe George Mbotake

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SakweFACULTY:                        Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters (ASTI)

DEPARTMENT:              Division 1 – Translation
NAME OF STAFF:          Sakwe George Mbotake
Secondary E-mail:       gmsakwe@yahoo.com
Tel:                                237- 677606751
GRADE:                         Lecturer


I hold a PhD in Applied Linguistics (Translation Studies), an MA in translation from the Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters of the University Buea, an MA in TOFFL University of Buea/Grenoble France and a BA in English and French from Yaoundé University, Cameroon.
My research Interests include Translation Pedagogy, Translation Competence, History/Theory of Translation, Comparative Stylistics, and Applied Linguistics.
I have supervised 22 MA students:
1. Training Transformative Translators for the Twenty First Century, Defended by Patience Dick Nduka, 2010

2. The Problems of Translating Visual, Situational and Cultural Frames from French into English: A case Study of Le Fils d’Agatha Moudio and L’Etranger, Defended by Bisong Veronique Mbi, 2013

3. Investigating the Impact of some Socio-educational Factors on Trainee Translators’ Performance, Defended by Akuro Tiben Joel, April 2014

4. The Impact of Prior Work Experience on Translation Performance. Defended by Bongbo Irene Tase in October 2016


1. Sakwe G. M. (2013). “Language Competence and Translation Performance” EPASA MOTO a multidisciplinary journal of Arts, Letters and the Humanities of the University of Buea Volume 1 Number 1, June 2013.

2. Sakwe G.M. (2014) ‘’Investigating the evolution in the language teaching component of the translation curriculum in ASTI: status, scope, and results’’ in Translation Journal, Volume 17, No. 4 October 2014 : http://translationjournal.net/journal/67education.html

3. Sakwe G.M. (2014) “ Teaching translation in Cameroon Anglophone high schools: Challenges for Innovative Pedagogy in T21N – Translation in Transition, 2014-06 www.t21n.com

4. Sakwe G. M. (2014), « L’Enseignement de la Littérature en FLE dans les Classes Terminales Anglophones » in Academia.edu 2014
5. Sakwe, G. M. (2015). The Standard Profile of the 21st Century Translator and its Impact on Translator Training. International Journal of English Language & Translation Studies. 3(3), 86-104. Retrieved from http://www.eltsjournal.org

6. Sakwe, G. M. (2016). Addressing Trainees’ Diversity Conundrums in Translator Education: Towards a Responsive Pedagogy. International Journal of English Language & Translation Studies. 4(1), 117-135. Retrieved from http://www.eltsjournal.org

Personal Summary
Dr Sakwe George Mbotake is a Senior Lecturer of Translation Studies at the Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters (ASTI) of the University of Buea, Cameroon. He is presently the Head of the Translation Division and also Head of the Teaching and Research Service. He has particular interest in translation teaching and research. He has pioneered innovative projects to initiate, promote and direct programmes and activities designed to bring about desirable changes and outcomes in Translator Training through research and innovations. With a great track record in post graduate research and supervision, he has guided strategic planning processes for centrally managed, departmentally implemented initiatives which are supported by the university policy framework. His publications are action-research based with the aim of helping to bring about qualitative improvement in the domain of Translator Training and Research through quality Teacher Education Programmes. Since 2013, he has published over 06 peer-reviewed papers in the field, which have initiated innovations related to qualitative improvement of content and process of Translator Education
He has a great track record in post graduate research supervision with over 20 MA Theses since 2010. His current research is on Translation Pedagogy, Translation Competence, Comparative Stylistics, History and Theory of translation and Applied Linguistics.

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